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How to Clean Your Downdraft Cooktop

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Downdraft cooktops tend to be convenient for either indoor or outdoor cooking. The fact that they keep smoke, steam and even unpleasant odours away makes them a perfect choice for any household. However, this does not mean that your cooktop is immune to dirt and grime. Leaving this dirt to accumulate increases the chances of you requiring appliance repair services. Here are a few tips on how to go about cleaning your downdraft cooktop to enhance its lifespan.

Clean the exterior of the downdraft cooktop

The outer covering of most downward cooktops tends to be stainless steel so ensure that you use something that is non-abrasive and thus will not harm the surface of your downward cooktop. Put some of the cleaning fluid that you will be using on a cloth and run the cloth along all the surfaces of the downward cooktop. Ensure that you maintain contact with the stainless steel surfaces and the cloth so that you can avoid streaks forming on the surfaces. If gets to a point whereby you need to reapply cleaner, you need to start from exactly where you left off to prevent streaks from forming.

Clean the grills of your downdraft cooktop

The next step would be to run some hot water in the sink until it gets full. Pour a few squirts of dishwashing soap into the water and mix it in until it becomes soapy. Next, you will have to take out the grills from your downward cooktop and immerse them in the hot soapy water. The hot water should loosen up any grease that may be on them. After a few minutes, remove them and scrub any stubborn stains with a sponge. After you have thoroughly cleaned them, rinse with cold water then leave them to air dry before you put them back in the downward cooktop. For those with models that do not have grills but instead their downward cooktops are made from either porcelain or even enamel, you will need to wet a cloth in hot soapy water and give your downward cooktop a wipe down. For enamel downward cooktops, ensure that you wipe off stains immediately they occur to avoid them being permanent.

Clean the ventilation grate of your downdraft cooktop

The final step in cleaning your downward cooktop would be to have the ventilation grate removed so that you can clean its ventilation system. Squeeze on the tabs that secure it in place and carefully pull it from the ventilation unit. Immerse the grate in hot soapy water so that all the dirt can be loosened. Once this is done, use a sponge to gently scrub put any stubborn stains. You should then let the grate air dry before you replace it.

If you are too busy or perhaps find the tssk too arduous, you can always enlist professional appliance services to clean your downdraft cooktop for you.